About Carole

Hi, I'm Carole, a Virtual Assistant & Community Manager, based in Kings Lynn, Norfolk, United Kingdom. I offer community management to help support anyone with the running of their group or membership. I also have over 20 years’ experience in Administration & I offer this & general business productivity support to small business owners, taking out stress from your day & putting hours back in.

I am both competent and experienced in Community Management and hold certificates in Supervisory Management, NVQ L3 Business Administration and NVQ L3 Customer Service.

I love all things admin and after 25 years of perfecting my skills I set up CS Business Support to support businesses and individuals on a more flexible basis and have been doing just this for over 3 years now.

Extra support

To meet the demands of my business as it grows, I now have additional support from some amazing experts in their own fields to ensure that I can offer an extensive & top-notch service to my clients at all times. I still oversee all tasks & make sure everything runs smoothly so clients don’t need to.

As a result, this not only means that we can take care of all your business needs 24/7, without having holidays or sickness make an impact, but I can also offer additional services, such as:

  • website design
  • graphic design
  • email marketing
  • Facebook ads
  • PowerPoint creation

What is a Virtual Assistant & the benefits of hiring one?

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is a person who provides professional business support from a remote location. This support can include administration, technical or social media services. A few (but not all) benefits include:

  • No staff overheads
  • No additional equipment or desk space required
  • You only pay for that specific job with no long-term commitments
  • No tax/NI to pay
  • No holidays, sickness, pensions, training courses to pay for

What to consider when hiring a VA

When looking for a Virtual Assistant, you need to think about what sort of jobs you would like them to carry out for you and how long you normally spend doing these jobs each month.

So, these could be jobs that you don’t like doing or just simply don’t really have the time for. For example, do you have a community or membership that is just too overwhelming trying to run yourself, making sure members are looked after, social media posts are scheduled, zoom calls have everyone admitted in a timely manner and the chat monitored. Or, how many emails are in your inbox? Do you need help checking it, flagging urgent emails or ones being dealt with, responding on your behalf, unsubscribing from spam on your behalf, etc.

Or maybe, you just don’t feel like you’re very good at them and so would prefer somebody with more experience and expertise to carry them out for you instead.

A technique I recommend is:

Write down every task you do over the next few days, then mark in one colour everything that only you can do.

Mark in another colour things that you’ll keep doing for now but might pass over to a VA later.

Everything else on the list can usually be outsourced to a VA.

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