So you want to learn...Asana eBook


Asana – Project management system – Step-by-step guide to creating and using your account

'Why would this benefit me?' I hear you ask.
Because if you are struggling for time, have tasks coming out of your ears, don't know how progress is coming along with something or who is doing what within your team (or just you for yourself), Asana puts everything in one place so you can find and track everything together with ease.
'What will I get inside the eBook?'
I will explain:
  • how Asana works and benefits you
  • about all the different sections within Asana
  • how you set up and organise your account
  • what projects and tasks are, how to set them as recurring or with deadlines plus how to assign them to others and keep track of everything
  • how to invite others to collaborate with you
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