Hourly rates

My ad hoc rate is £30 per hour (minimum one hour/month) but I also offer retainer & service packages.

Contact me at carole@csbusinesssupport.co.uk so we can start working together ASAP!

Retainer hours

If you would like me to reserve you a guaranteed amount of time each month, I can do this after payment in advance.

Retainers last for one calendar month and any unused hours will be lost at the end of the month, but I will send you a weekly reminder of how many hours have been used and are remaining. If you need any extra hours, these can be added on at my usual hourly rate.

Retainer package rates

The packages offered are as follows:
• £150 for 5 hours per month
• £300 for 10 hours per month
• £450 for 15 hours per month
• £600 for 20 hours per month
Contact me at carole@csbusinesssupport.co.uk if you'd like to start working together.
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