I am writing this short testimonial to say a BIG thank you to Carole Searle of CS Business Support. It’s not often that I can honestly say “that the service that has been delivered is beyond excellent.” I am so impressed with the service that Carole has delivered thus far, she has great attention to detail and response time is fantastic.

Carole has made my business run even better and has allowed me to get on with the parts of the business that I do well. The workflow is also great as Carole can schedule everything ahead of time, the group members also love her interaction and she has become part of the community. I can only say she is a breath of fresh air and she is a delight to have as part of the team and work with. I would highly recommend her for any business looking for Community Management services.

I am over the moon with the progress that my Facebook community is making and all thanks to Carole the CS Business Support Community Manager.

Thank you so much for all that you do.
Sapphire Gray
Savvy Women Investors Academy
It's with pleasure that I am able to highly recommend Carole as a Community Manager.

She has taken so much off my mind by supporting me with my membership and comes up with ideas too.

In addition, something that can't be taught, Carole takes time to read the posts that go into the Facebook group and gets to know everyone like I do, so that if they turn their predicament around, get an opportunity that's relevant to them, Carole replies in a genuine way.

She never treats anyone as a mould, she sees everyone as individual, which for me is an important part of a membership's success.

Carole takes so much off my to-do list that it enables me to focus the time required on my paying members and evolve. I'd be incredibly overwhelmed and stressed without her.

Business Mentor
Carole has changed the way that I work since she came on board with me. I am getting a great deal more actually done & it frees me up to do what I love to do with my clients.

I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND her service & it is more than a pleasure to work with her. Thanks Carole.
Max Newton
Invisible SalesPro
I'd highly recommend Carole, not only for her VA services which are exceptional, but also for her warmth, compassion, understanding, positive can-do mindset & commitment.

Carole has supported me with preparing documents, converting content, transcribing recordings for my forthcoming book, preparing client documents & more.

Lisa Spencer-Arnell
CCS Coaching
Carole came highly recommended to me, I’ve used her for the last 3 years. Quality is key for me, you get what you pay for.

Carole is completely trustworthy, transparent & always goes above & beyond to make my life as easy as possible.
Anna Short 
Boo! Marketing
Carole was excellent. She has great communication & was totally on the ball the whole time.

I felt really secure in leaving my clients in her safe hands & had nothing but great feedback about her from them. I’d fully recommend Carole for all administration.
Mari Williams
The Mind Architect
Carole’s attention to detail is meticulous, she keeps me fully informed of timescales and asks questions promptly to complete any tasks.

She is passionate about what she does & that really shines through.
Megan Chapman
The Savvy VA
Carole saved me so much time. She helped me find the contact details for a number of key individuals for a PR campaign & compiled them into a list for me to quickly navigate & put to work. She did this quickly & at very short notice.

Speedy, excellent service. Thank you again Carole for your help, I’ll be back!
Matthew Le Mottee
Dapper Magic
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