Community Management

I offer a range of Community Management services including:

  • support with any challenges you may run
  • sending out newsletters
  • scheduling posts in the group from existing content
  • co-hosting group zoom calls to help with admitting people, letting you know of anything that needs your attention in the chat, etc.
  • post engagement and pointing members in the right direction of group resources
  • running polls for upcoming events and new ideas for the group
  • notifying you of any issues
  • giving feedback that members may not have felt comfortable giving you themselves

What clients say...

Carole has supported me in my business for a while now and she was the natural choice for when the time came that I needed a community manager. She takes so much off me it stops me getting stressed and overwhelmed. I couldn't run my membership without the support.

Personality - kind, funny, caring, genuine, confidential, supportive and very reliable.

As above, Carole knows exactly what tone to bring to any situation. She takes a keen interest in everyone in the membership which enables her to congratulate them when something goes right and also to be genuinely sympathetic when something may not be going too well for them. I never have to worry about anything she puts in the Facebook group as it's always spot on.
Catherine Gladwyn
Catherine Online
I am writing this short testimonial to say a BIG thank you to Carole Searle of CS Business Support. It’s not often that I can honestly say “that the service that has been delivered is beyond excellent.” I am so impressed with the service that Carole has delivered thus far, she has great attention to detail and response time is fantastic.

Carole has made my business run even better and has allowed me to get on with the parts of the business that I do well. The workflow is also great as Carole can schedule everything ahead of time, the group members also love her interaction and she has become part of the community. I can only say she is a breath of fresh air and she is a delight to have as part of the team and work with. I would highly recommend her for any business looking for Community Management services.

I am over the moon with the progress that my Facebook community is making and all thanks to Carole the CS Business Support Community Manager.

Thank you so much for all that you do.
Sapphire Gray
Savvy Women Investors Academy
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